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Balkan peninsula or simply Balkans –easternmost of Europe's three great southern peninsula –almost unknown ... You can learn more about it , by reading the boring history books or you can choose more active and definitely more interesting way to discover Balkan secrets – by visiting the region, admiring its natural beauties, learning about its turbulent history from our experienced and knowledgeable guides, understanding its ethnic groups and its culture by meeting the people, listing their music, watching their folkloric dance ,tasting delicious food, ... Let us guide you through unique experience called BALKANS, allow yourself the journey that your soul will never forget.

Plus Travel Skopje as one of the most specialized and an entirely incoming tour operator offers various tours of Macedonia, and its neighboring countries: Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece etc. Our Macedonia tours for individuals and groups are designed to provide an authentic entryway into Macedonian history, culture, nature, daily life and people. This is done with the greatest love and passion for our country, an upbeat feeling that we like to transmit to our clients through interesting itineraries, fascinating venues and passionately capable guides.

Balkan is a great destination and offers an easy and flexible pace tailored for everyone. You will not only get to experience breathtaking scenery, diverse destinations, brilliant natural beauty, but you will also see all the key attractions. Our tours offer itineraries thoughtfully arranged so you will make the most of your precious holiday time. Balanced with free time to include your own individual selection of local sightseeing, making your holiday complete.

Our Balkan tours are flexible, making it easier for you to customize your Balkan tour based on your own interests and time. We welcome requests from individuals and groups. Below you will find a just a few examples of tours on offer but we assure you many more can be developed tailor made for you.